This class is gonna ***kin’ SUCK.

Ok, I did not actually read this today, but today while walking down the hall I stopped to tie my shoe. Just then, I heard an instructor dismissing a class while standing by the door. Two undergraduate women were walking out of the room, and before they had gotten six feet away from the door, one said, in a voice loud enough for me to hear about ten feet down the hall,

“Dude, this class is gonna f***in’ suck!”

They walked down the hall a bit, the disgruntled one beginning to push open a door to the stairway. She looked over her shoulder to see that her companion had not followed, but was continuing down the hall.

“Dude, what are you doing?”

“Pssht,” the other said, rolling her eyes, “elevator.”


These two women, like all young women in my country, are entitled to a college education.


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