“What does that mean?!”

So the lad’s friend who lives two doors down on our five-townhouse-row came over earlier, as my wife informs me, while my wife and daughter, who will be two in July, were watering the garden, and said excitedly, “I saw a wasp!”

(We have dozens, perhaps a hundred, wasps hovering about our front lawn some days.)

“That’s good,” says the wife; “wasps kill spiders.”

(We also have black widows, one of which we watched for about half an hour, dangling and climbing up and down a messy web in the moonlight one night, the natural prey of wasps.)

Suddenly the not-so-infant blondie spreads her hands impatiently and chirps at her mother: “What does that mean?!”

From the beginning of time man has striven to invent for himself ever more new diversions and entertainments. But God had already invented children.


There was no need for children. One could have had a calf or a foal, no?, springing (literally) whole from its mother’s womb…


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