For the wanderlusty:

I know it’s early, but one is not likely to find something more beautiful than the following, from Democritus the 5th c. BC founder of atomic theory:

ἀνδρὶ σοφῷ πᾶσα γῆ βατή· ψυχῆς γὰρ ἀγαθῆς πατρὶς ὁ ξύμπας κόσμος.

To a wise man every land is passable; for the whole world is the fatherland of a noble soul.


When I was five years old, I told the lad the other day, I vowed that I would seek out the wonders of the ancient, natural, and modern worlds. I have been blessed with a soulmate who also has the wanderlust in her bones.

A similar maxim from ancient Greece reminds me of my friend, who recently wrote from that part of the world, and myself, who missed the boat: “It is not for every man to sail to Corinth.” (οὐ παντὸς ἀνδρὸς εἰς Κόρινθόν ἐσθ’ ὁ πλοῦς).

Thanks, dear reader, should you ever find me, for being the gadfly of my discipline.


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Philologist, historian, and lover of great books, I started this blog to keep myself alert to the beauty of what I see amid the demands of my work.
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