The Feast of SS Peter and Paul

“The Feast of SS Peter and Paul”

or, a day in the Bronx.

Along the street the signs of Fordham road

Look gaudy, bright and crass, and clash in colors

Lacking all rhythm. Down below a man

Is hawking mangoes carved like yellow flowers;

Some soiled salesman shouts his cell-phone sale;

Voyeurs are bending awkward, twisted torsos

And shouting after scarce-dressed señoritas:

Nor can a woman white or black expect,

In picking careful steps amidst the garbage,

That any man will help her if she fall.

You all are free: what glad remuneration!

Thanks, dear reader, should you ever find me, for helping me cultivate my home.


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Philologist, historian, and lover of great books, I started this blog to keep myself alert to the beauty of what I see amid the demands of my work.
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