“multum, non multa”

multum legendum est, non multa. –Plinius Secundus, IIin, Ep. 7.9.15

Much ought to be read, not many. –Pliny the Younger, beginning of the second century AD, Letter 7.9.15.


The headmaster at the school where I once taught used to walk around telling us, “Non multa, sed multum.”

For his many heroic virtues, I do not expect or dare hope I shall ever have a better boss than he, though to this point in my life I have never made a career decision without being convinced that I was following a calling, rather than for the sake of money, power, or prestige.

(This of course has frustrated my in-laws to no end, as I have often been reminded by comments ranging from subtle and snarky to direct and aggressive.)

Thanks, dear reader, should you ever find me, for reading much with me today.


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