Bush’s 4th Term

As I was walking across the street this morning, receiving the usual barrage of bumper stickers, I mused about the current President’s campaign stickers four years ago, and especially the “McCain: Bush’s 3rd Term” stickers. I remember thinking at the time that there was not an anti-war candidate (the U.S. is still waging at least two wars that I know of, picked a fight of dubious relevance in Libya, which a highly placed military friend of mine—a Lt. Colonel—seems to think was of the utmost importance for our national security, and anyway not as bad as invading Iraq or Afghanistan since the weapons used were so technologically advanced as not to require soldiers on the ground in the combat zones in order to kill people, a courtesy and favor of which no doubt the slain Libyans are most cognizant and appreciative), not a closing-Guantanamo candidate (Guantanamo is still open), not a candidate who would restrict the access of lobbyists (Matt Damon says so, so it’s true, right?), not a candidate who would end the culture of cronyism and nepotism (Rahm Immanuel is mayor of Chicago—how the [expletive removed] did that happen, I wonder? “I’ve got this thing, it’s too [expletive] hot to sit on it…”—and we’re not even talking about selling seats in the State Senate!), not a candidate who would attend to the taxation issues which the Occupy movement has highlighted (repeated renewal of Bush tax cuts), &c.

So I thought, it would be funny to see a bumper sticker that said: “Obama 2012: Bush’s 4th term”. So just for fun I googled the phrase and found this delightful icon of the USA’s 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama, turning his back on his campaign promises.

Ah, the internet: making reality seem to be and to say whatever the user wants it to be and to say since the 21st century.

Not that I have any intention of voting for the other guy. The encroachment of the autocratic exercise of the executive power in the US is fostered by the two-party system, in which the Presidency (and Congress) is a football: the other team can arrogate more unconstitutional power to itself, and I’m okay with that, say the Democrats-and-Republicans, since I’m going to get to be President (monopolize Congress) next. That’s a guarantee, since voters wouldn’t dream of voting for a man* they truly trust if they didn’t think that they themselves could be on the winning side.

Thanks, dear reader, should you ever find me, for not voting for Democrats and Republicans. Or at least for voting with your conscience.

*or woman: I really don’t care, but as a philologist I am able to appreciate the usefulness of having a generic third personal pronoun, as 99.9% of humans since the invention of writing have.


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