“One thing is certain: life flies.” –Dax Riggs (sort of)

τὸν εὐτυχεῖν δοκοῦντα μὴ ζήλου

πρὶν ἂν θανόντ’ ἴδῃς· ὡς ἐφήμεροι τύχαι.

Euripides, Heracleidae 865–866

Envy not the seeming lucky man

Before you see him dead: for fortunes fade.

Euripides, The Children of Hercules 865–866


The title is Dax Riggs quoting Omar Khayyám from The Rubaiyat, 63 (12th  century).

Thanks, dear reader, for trying. But can we keep our peace today?


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