Gwynne’s Grammar and P.G. Wodehouse

The best thing I read today was from a bizarre article in The Telegraph. It was sent to me by a friend and former colleague. The article itself is a review of his Grammar; like a good grammaticus Mr. Gwynne has produced his own Ars. But the best part is the P. G. Wodehouse quotation at the end:

With the feeling, which was his constant companion nowadays, for the wedding was fixed for the fifth of July and it was already the 10th of June, that if anyone cared to describe him as some wild thing taken in a trap, which sees the trapper coming through the woods, it would be all right with him, he threw a moody banana skin at the loudest of the sparrows, and went back into the room.


The comment section is filled, as all comment sections are, with the inane protestations of mankind, which loves to be praised for its intellect, but would prefer all rules to be confounded than that itself should by them be judged and corrected.

Thanks, dear reader, should you ever find me, for talking good and writing good with grammer.


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