Sanctity and Learning

The hour is late, and soon I will turn the page on this work of mine. But not yet. In light of that, the following, which I read this morning, helps me keep my head down and not look too far beyond today:

Paradoja: es más asequible ser santo que sabio, pero es más fácil ser sabio que santo.

San Josemaría Escrivá, Camino, No. 282

Paradox: It is more attainable to be a saint than a scholar, but it is easier to be a scholar than than a saint.

Saint Josemaría Escrivá, The Way, No. 282


Thanks, dear reader, should you ever find me, for being my gadfly.


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Philologist, historian, and lover of great books, I started this blog to keep myself alert to the beauty of what I see amid the demands of my work.
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