Election Day

Whatever happens today, you have no one but yourself to blame, America. If you don’t want Mitt Romney, and he gets in, don’t say, “I didn’t vote for him.” You did vote for him: four years ago when you made it an either/or race. And if Barack Hussein Obama is reelected, and you vote for Romney, you are just as responsible for the outcome as the citizen (or animal or dead person) who voted for Obama, because you too bought into the either/or Democrats-and-Republicans-Party monopoly of office.

These candidates have fought each other for the right to carry the banner of “change” for the better. Well first of all, the last thing the Democrats-and-Republicans party wants is change, and secondly, “change” is not an unqualified good. It’s a neutral term, because it’s a variable. It has to be defined before it can mean anything.

Here’s to four more years of living in fear, America. Four more years of feeling horrible because the worse of two evils rules you, or feeling slightly less horrible because you colluded with what you know is wrong, but got to feel like you “won” today.

What did you win, dear reader? Did you find peace today?

“No matter what happens today, your party will get the White House next.”
—”Thanks, buddy. It’s so much less stressful knowing that even if you score, we get the ball next. Life sure is good for us, isn’t it?”
—”You bet!”


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