Fear and (Self-)Loathing on Parnassus

This compelling point comes, interestingly enough, in a footnote, in a little book called Interior Freedom by Jacques Philippe:

What has just been said has an important consequence. When people cut themselves off from God, they deprive themselves of any real possibility of loving themselves. FOOTNOTE: This is easily seen in the developments of modern culture. When they cut themselves off from God, people end up by losing the sense of human dignity and hating themselves. It is striking, for example, to see how humor in the media is less and less the humor of tenderness and compassion, and is instead the humor of derision. Art, also, is often incapable of representing the beauty of the human face.

You are not beautiful. But the dress is.

You are not beautiful. But the dress is.



I’m looking at you, Jon Stewart.

Thanks, dear reader, should you ever find me, for not abandoning the person in the mirror to his own resources.


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