Gosnell and B. Hussein Obama

From Elizabeth Scalia:

***As Senator, Barack Obama repeatedly voted against mandating medical care for babies born alive during attempted abortion. Does anything in this story [about Kermit Gosnell] change his mind, or speak to the question of when an abortion and a “mother’s right to choose” becomes about “making sure that every child has access to health care and medical treatment”? Does a living baby not qualify as a child?


Will the man who shed a cynical tear about the murder of innocent children last December address his manifest hypocrisy? Probably not.


Will a nation cheerfully submitting itself to the tyrannical dichotomy of the Democratsandrepublicans Party accept this hypocrisy in order to have the parts of the platform they like? It would be cynical of me to answer, and stupid to pretend I don’t know.

Of course the abortionist will look at this story and say, “All the more reason why it should be safe and legal!” Yes, perhaps that will save the women whose wrongful deaths Gosnell has caused. Can we address the weightier charge of murder, for which he is also on trial?

Thanks, dear reader, should you ever find me, for not owning slaves, condoning abortion, or voting for Democratsandrepublicans.


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