Learn Silence to Learn Speech

Quid autem prae ceteris debemus discere quam tacere, ut possimus loqui, ne prius me vox condemnet mea quam absolvat aliena? …Quid opus est igitur ut properes periculum suscipere condemnationis loquendo, cum tacendo possis esse tutior?

–Ambrosius Mediolanensis, De Officiis, 1.2.5.

But what ought we to learn before the rest but to keep silence, that we be able to speak, lest my voice condemn me before another’s absolve me? …What need, then, to hasten to take up the risk of condemnation by speaking, when thou shouldst be safer by keeping silence?

–Ambrose of Milan, On Duties, 1.2.5.

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