Write this on my tombstone.

Got this e-mail about the Cleveland Browns, from a friend. My response, with the best thing I read today, followed by his original e-mail.


Thanks, ———. This is great. On a related note, I actually found what I want on my tombstone today:

Context: he has just described bees’ civil wars, which occur when multiple queens hatch (Vergil, Georgics, 4.86–87)

archives_ih_VirgilBees600pxhi motus animorum atque haec certamina tanta

pulveris exigui iactu compressa quiescent.

These passions and these strifes so great, weighed down

By a bit of dust tossed on, will go to rest.

On Jul 8, 2013, at 8:18 PM, ——— wrote:


this made me laugh and think of you…



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