“Whatever is beautiful is always dear.”

ὅ τι καλὸν φίλον ἀεί.

Euripides, Bacchae, 881.


Whatever is beautiful is always dear.

Euripides, The Bacchants, 881.


Can you tell, dear reader, that the school year started? It’s been a while for me. I’ve read, since my last post, The Great GatsbyDeath of a Salesman, G.K. Chesterton’s Life of St. Francis, the first book of Caesar’s Gallic War, and other things, but simply don’t have time to sit down and capture these wonderful little things like this bit which my colleague had written down on paper here from Euripides.

I’m tired, but my exhaustion every day is the wholesome fatigue of good work done in a spirit of generosity. My afternoon headaches are, for now, gone.


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