Pleasure, Toil, Nobility


“If you accomplish anything noble with toil, the toil passes, but the noble deed endures. If you do anything shameful with pleasure, the pleasure passes, but the shame endures.”

si quid vos per laborem recte feceritis, labor ille a vobis cito recedet, bene factum a vobis, dum vivitis, non abscedet; sedsi qua per voluptatem nequiter feceritis, voluptas cito abibit, nequiter factum illud apud vos semper manebit.

–the Greek philosopher Musonius, summarizing sentiments uttered by Marcus Cato in a speech (take that, philhellenes!) (trans.

Thanks, dear reader, should you ever find me, for being my gadfly.

p.s. I am a philhellene. I just happen to be a philromanoteros.


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