Philologist, historian, and lover of great books, I started this blog to keep myself alert to the beauty of what I see amid the demands of my work.


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  1. orwell1627 says:

    I enjoyed reading your recent post regarding Virgil’s Georgics. I intend to begin reading it soon. I have mainly focused my Latin readings on Cicero and Ovid, but I just finished reading the Aeneid and found several memorable quotes. My favorite is:

    Facilis descensus Averni:
    noctes atque dies patet atri ianua Ditis;
    sed revocare gradium superasque evadere ad auras.
    hoc opus, hic labor est.

  2. I am so delighted to have found your blog. We are currently cyber schooling our childe through a local magnet school. She is currently struggling a bit in her mathematics, she in the past several years had health issues and I feel that she is missing some concepts. At the end and start of the year of our concerns and asked to have her reevaluated for a lower math class. But because of it being a public school they only offered the two courses. Now we are pondering on going all homeschool. Today’s post gave us a lot to think about. My gratitude is yours,Allie

  3. M. Mehan says:

    Thank you! Very much enriched by reading a post of yours! On Houseman’s fragment! Bravo!

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